Assets & Property Management (Pvt) Ltd. was set up in 1981 primarily to cater for management of the assets & requirements of LJM Peiris & Co. Ltd clients other than that of agriculture.


We offer a personalized service in Management of House & Property, Share Portfolios, Investment (inclusive of foreign remittances) & Testamentary cases.

House & Property
General -Involves maintenance, repairs payments of utilities & statutory charges & periodical inspection.
Renting -complete service from findings a suitable tenant to handing over premises & taking over premises after the completion of lease

Renovation & new construction- We mediate between Client, Architect, Engineer and Supervisor.Payments to all relevant parties are handled by our office. For repairs we call in for quotations from contractors before entrusting the job.

Share Investments - We are experienced and conversant with the procedure in handling share trading for residents and non-residents.The client is provided with information regarding the stock market and investments are made in consultation with the client.

Investment of funds - Our expert advice is given according to the requirements of our clients. An updated schedule is sent to the client quarterly.

Foreign Investments- We advise our clients on how to invest in Sri Lanka and assist in the documentation for remitting of funds to the bank of their choice.Close monitoring of the investments and remitting full proceeds back when required are handled by us. An updated schedule in detail is sent to the client quarterly.


Mrs. Chloe De Soysa
Prof Sharya Scharenguivel (Nee De Soysa)
Mr Nissanka De Mel
Senior Manager: Mrs. Yohani De Silva

Contact Nos

011-2333602 / 071-3094808