Basin Irrigation

Gravity Irrigation

Flood Irrigation

Rain Gun Irrigation

Buried clay pots

To overcome prolonged droughts we resort to various methods of irrigation such as Basin Irrigation, Gravity Irrigation, Flood Irrigation, Rain Gun Irrigation and also the use of buried clay pots, depending on the owner’s requirements. In addition we also adopt soil and moisture measures on Coconut, Rubber and Tea plantations under our management. We are very much in touch with the Research Institutes of the main plantation crops for their latest recommendations.


This is an organic fertilizer made using the Delta D technology. The fertilizer is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Magnesium. Recommended for satisfactory leafy growth on any plant. Could be used for all plantation crops as well as leafy Vegetable & Fruit crops. Recommend adding Potassium where adult Coconut palms are concerned.